Music for ceremonies
love ceremonies/weddings
welcoming ceremonies
singing circles
music arrangements
musical performances for children

Faciliting in Workshops
integral voice and intuitive singing

Music and dance have been calling me on my path from my childhood on. Following this inner voice I was honored to dive into many teachings and formations around the world. 
A very important one for me has definitely been the university career "pedagogics of music and dance" where I could find the union of music and movement, a holistic way of teaching, of sharing. 

My yoga teacher training and the months in the ashram in India as well as the amazing workshops with teachers and healers from South America were just such a blessing for me too, a big treasure for me as a facilitator.

Its of such happiness whenever I can support someone, open new doors. Sharing what I could explore in all these years on my path of investigation for a holistic approach with music and movement. For me these are such healing gifts and im so grateful that I can share it. I just love it.