Yoga & Sound

A heart-opening yoga class with dynamic flows and breathing exercises that move and expand your energy. We begin gently by relaxing our minds and move through a sequence of asanas (postures) that give us strength as well as flexibility and balance. 
Through the combination of movement and breath
we open and activate our energy centers 
and increase the flow of our life energy (prana). 
Yoga helps us to increase our awareness and well-being 
and helps us to live a balanced, healthy and full-filled life. 
Following the voice of our heart and living our unique gifts with gratitude. 
A joyful way to unite body, mind and soul in harmony. 

As a harmonizing closing of Yoga & Sound in the Shavasana (final relaxation)
you are invited to dive deep into a magic sound meditation.
With instruments like Handpan, Voice, Charango, Guitar,
Didjeridoo, Flutes, Singing bowls, Udu, Kalimba and more...

the world is vibration

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