Music and dance are calling her since early childhood. She followed this voice and after coming across with academic training in music and dance, she started to travel for 7 years, around the world. 

Most of her paths lead all over South America, guided by a great fascination about the variety of cultures and their music, their rhythms, their songs and healing traditions.

Her music is a very powerful medicine inspired in her connection with nature and prayers. As well as the spirit of ancient cultures and the ancient wisdom of yoga are sources of inspiration of the music that comes to her.

Amalua grew up in a small Austrian village where the song "Silent night" was composed. As a child she loved a special, heartwarming tradition from that village - "Bringers of light" where the children go from house to house before winter solstice. With the intention of bringing light to every house they sing, they give and light up a handmade candle together with a prayer/poem. 
The forests were her favorite playground and nature is one of the most important sources inspiration..