New album SPIRIT 

Danceable heart-opening songs, groove mantras and medicine beats


SPIRIT takes us on a journey through different continents, from seas to jungles to the Andes or the Indian Ganges. 
Amalua┬┤s medicine songs in Spanish, Portuguese, English and Sanskrit are inspired by nature, its spirits, by the philosophy of yoga, by plant medicine and life itself. 

Soul music with magic sounds of HANDPAN, Voices, Flutes, Charango,  Esraj, World Percussions and many more. 

Amalua┬┤s partner Pablito Bertone adds South American fire through rousing beats and playfully awakens the desire to dance.

May this music invite you to feel, to dance, to let go, to share, to breathe, to connect, to dream your highest visions and to remember your unique giftsÔÇŽ Weaving love

Thank you for being

Love is the greatest source


This album was born in 2009 in South America. 

Its the story of the HANG traveling around the world. Sharing music with other instruments, cultures in different continents. Playing with the richness of the sound of this planet, soundscapes, melodies, scales, rhythms and harmonies. 
Guided by the magic sound of HANG.

Rainbow Journey

A beautiful and touching journey 
of heart songs with HANG 
and other instruments.
Recorded in 2010 in South America

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